Superfoods… 🥒🥝 More Like SUPER FAKE Foods!!!

More Like SUPER FAKE Foods!!!

In a heavy claim, more experts are declaring that there is really NO SUCH THING as a superfood!

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– Many people have been hooked and are firm believers of superfoods.
– In fact, some people substitute their regular diet for this meal.
– Will you be surprised if experts claim that THESE are all fake facts about superfoods?

According to more and more experts, superfoods are not really THAT super afterall. There are claims that counter the original claims of the benefits that superfoods can bring.

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In fact, they consider it a more acceptable claim to say that there is really nothing special about this food group.

So what does this leave us?

Have people been wasting their money on buying these super fake not-so-super foods?

It can’t be denied that people will feel dismayed and disappointed, or even regret, believing too quickly the claims about the health benefits of these superfoods.

BUT, many are also questioning how true the latest findings are? How true is it that superfoods are not really super and that everything was just a big lie?

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