Should I Sleep More Or Sleep 😴 Less For Weightloss?


Have you ever heard of the saying that “sleep is for the weak?” Well, it’s also for weightloss.

– Losing weight can be a very confusing thing to do.
– There are so many resources on the internet that some information tends to contradict the other.
– What is the reality about sleep and weight loss?

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If you want to lose weight effectively, according to scientists you need to get enough rest every night. Yes, you read that right. NOT getting enough sleep during the night could lead to unwanted and unexpected weight gain, because it leads to inactivity and less metabolism during the day.

Meaning, the body will tend to demand from you to let it rest, thus, all other metabolic processes will be slowed down during day time if you don’t get enough shut-eye the night before.

Aside from that, the body will also feel so tired all day, making it move less and making you want to sleep all day long. Meaning? No metabolism or proper digestion of your meals. No sweat, more weight gain in short.

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