Powder KRATON 🍃: New Mental Health Solution???

A new plant is doing so many wonders for so many various illnesses.

– Have you heard about a plant called “Kraton”?
– Lately, more and more experts are agreeing to the plant’s medical benefits claims.
– Kraton is also being explored as a possible intervention against mental health diseases.


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Kraton, or medically known as Mitragynine, is known to work on opioid receptors. Technically speaking, kraton is not really an opioid, but reports reveal that it does have opioid-like effects to its users, all due to the chemical structure of the plant that has an uncanny resemblance with opioids.

One of the main effects of kraton is that is can destress people and can even help in alleviating signs and symptoms of mental health illness because of its action in the body’s neurotransmitters.

Kraton is now a potential help for patients who want to have a new way of dealing with their mental health issues, but since 2014 up to now, the plant is currently placed on hold for distribution within the country until further memo by the Food and Drug Administration.

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