Postpartum 🤰🏻 Mental Health: How Important Are Role Models?

Pregnancy can change a woman’s body so much that she may tend to be overwhelmed by all the changes.

– Of the many changes that pregnancy brings about, the most noticeable is the additional weight.
– Nobody really talks about how women really feel about their body after giving birth, or postpartum.
– It is an important issue to address, no matter how much denial some people will try to suppress the issue.

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The newest member of the Royal Family by virtue of Wedding rights is Hollywood celebrity, Meghan Markle. She recently gave birth to her and Prince Harry’s first child, and the world is loving every single picture that they are releasing to the press.

It is noticeable that Markle’s body has not yet returned to its pre-pregnancy figure, like most celebrity mothers or royal family members flaunt a few weeks after giving birth. However, according to Markle, it is by choice that she wants to keep her realistic postpartum figure to assure other new mothers that the body figures that they are are normal and should be embraced without feeling guilty for it.

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Need to choose the right vegetables?

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