Maternity 🤰 Tips: Checklist Of FIVE Things You Need To Know!

Pregnancy is one roller coaster ride – from hormonal changes to physical changes.

– When a woman is pregnant, she becomes prone to mental health imbalance.
– Hormones can change in so many ways and on so many levels.
– Giving birth can be a whole new level of challenge for new mothers too!

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Pregnant women are known to have hormones surging at levels that are unusual and can result in a varied emotional state of women. With the entire nine months journey, it can really take a toll on some women, and when the journey is complete, it is another state of a challenge when motherhood starts. This is especially true for first-time mothers.

Maternity leaves are given to pregnant women who had recently given birth. This is actually one of the good benefits that can be really helpful in allowing new mothers to cope and adjust with the new role that they are taking.

However, some women are not aware that there are important things to do and consider before starting their official maternity leave. These things should be well-planned as they are beneficial for their mental health as well.

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