Lifestyle Tips: 🏃‍♂️ Take It From This Life Coach… Loosen Up!

Life can sometimes become so difficult, but with a life coach, it can be bearable.

– A successful life coach, Amina AlTai, shares her thoughts about self care.
– According to her, people need to loosen up to avoid feeling burnout.
– Mental health is very important, but nor everyone is aware of its significance.


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With so many things that we need to do and with so many tasks in one day, people can only handle enough and it can even go beyond the limits to some people. This is the importance of self-care, according to experts. Caring for oneself should always more important than non-stop hustle.

If people continue to neglect their mental health, it can definitely lead to burnout, which is more dangerous. That’s why life coach Amina AlTai wants to remind people to pause for a few times to make sure that they have things covered in the psychological area and not just in the physical aspect.

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