Plant 🥦 Based Superfoods For Breakfast

Superfoods for breakfast

Welcome to the whole food plant based cooking show. Today I’m going to show you how to make a recipe that my husband created. He calls it breakfast of champions. And it really is.

So I’ve got here is upon it of organic blueberries. Strawberries banana. Walnuts. And a mixture of ground flax seed and chia seats.

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Video Summary:

And some could count. And some unsweetened on the milk. And the one thing I want to stress first is because these are berries and berries are on the dirty dozen list. So that’s their pesticide heavy.

So it’s really important to get organic berries. Some of the other fruits that you eat in a day you don’t have to worry about so much if you know they tend to be a little bit expensive but berries it’s really important that you stick with the organics.

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So we’re just going to start. And he likes to eat the entire planet because he’s a big guy. I’m a bit smaller so I would probably go with about half. But we’re just going to make his recipe. Like he makes it. Someone that’s going to chop up these strawberries a little bit.

So. I just got three strawberries here and put as many as you want. You’d like more strawberries. And this recipe. He shared with all of his guy friends. And so far they’ve all loved it.

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And he’s even made it for a few just to convince them that breakfast doesn’t have to be anything complicated especially when you’re changing to a plant based diet.

People are really confused about you know what can I eat. If I’m not eating toast and bacon and eggs. What do I eat. And this is super filling and my husband’s a big guy.