Oats 🌿 – Why Is It Considered As A Superfood?

Even before superfoods have taken over the market, oats have always been a staple food in the pantry. Many who want to lose weight and have lost weight eat oats – but there’s more to it than just a food dedicated to help you maintain a great figure.

Oats is a superfood.
– This superfood has a lot of vitamins and minerals.
– One cup of this superfood is only 147 calories.

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Not a lot of people, however, like oats because it is too plain. Despite that, this superfood is packed with vitamins, fiber, and nutrients. A cup of oats already has 6 grams of protein, 4 grams of fiber, and 147 calories. The soluble fiber that oats have, called beta-glucan, traps excess cholesterol in the body.

Also, oats help you get 70 percent of the needed amount of manganese. Such mineral is needed for your brain and nerves to function normally.  

It is best to put nuts, sliced fruit, and seeds in your oats. It is also better if you use honey instead of sugar.

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