Love NUTS 🥜? These Superfoods Are Simply The Best-Tasting

I personally love nuts! . . . Now, I just found out that they are actually superfoods too!!!

– Nuts can either be good or bad for our health.
– Some nuts are simply irresistible, but watch out! They may just be the unhealthy ones.
– There are about 10 nuts considered healthy and good by nutritionists.

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Good news is, superfoods are not limited to fruits and vegetables only! It also includes some nuts… Sounds crazy, right?

Well, experts have spoken and it is confirmed and revealed that certain nuts can really be beneficial for one’s health. The list consists of popular nuts such as cashew, almonds, macadamia, peanuts, walnuts, and so many more! This is indeed great news for nut lovers like me!

Each nut has its own limits too, so don’t just dive in and get obsessed with them yet!

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