Superfoods Are Not The Best Solution?


A study in India has discovered that consuming superfoods is NOT THE BEST SOLUTION when aiming for a healthy body.

– There are many foods available that can provide complete nutrients, aside from superfoods.
– Malnutrition could be caused by lack of different nutrition.
– It is important to develop good eating habits.

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Simple diet may be the answer you are looking for if you want to have a fit and healthy body. Recall how our ancestors lived their lives before. It was simple, filled with organic products, and fewer additives or anything unnatural.

Our ancestors stayed healthy and lived longer than people these days do because they didn’t focus on one food group, they explored and got variations of each healthy food. This made their nutritional requirements complete.

Focusing on superfoods and concentrating your daily meal on this type of food could cause you to lack all other nutrients which are not found in the superfood you regularly intake.

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