Natural Healing With Oil of Oregano?


As people become more wary of prescription drugs with their numerous side effects and the generally poor quality of medical care that is common in the United States.

From uncaring doctors who see 20 patients per hour, to the non-existence of treatment modalities that look to more natural methods, they are looking to a more wholesome approach to health care.

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In recent decades, holistic health care has seen a huge increase in popularity, though holism has been around for hundreds of years. In holistic care natural alternative treatments can either accompany conventional medical care or simply be used on their own to elevate people’s overall health, wellness and wellbeing.


When most people think of oregano, they imagine some sort of delicious pizza, pasta, or salad dish accompanied with the unique tasting herb. While this is certainly one use of oregano, the truth is that oil of oregano actually has some remarkable healing properties that promote one’s overall health and wellness.

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This unexpected oil also has a number of other qualities that make it worth looking into. Oil of oregano is inexpensive, has plenty of uses, and is wrought with health benefits for the mind and body.

So, how can I do Healing with Oil of Oregano?
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