Superfood Tips: Eat These Foods to Lose Weight Naturally

Well, hello! It’s great to see you again! I’m Abbey Gibb, your personal holistic nutritionist. And welcome to another episode of our Saturday Strategies here on FitLifeTV.

I’m really excited to partner with them and this is another tired girl talk. In today’s talk, we are discussing the best foods to help you burn that fat, lose some weight, and then most importantly, how to keep it off long-term.

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Video summary:

These are my tried-and-true. I personally eat them every single week, and they’ve helped me to keep my weight off from the bean and cheese burrito days of my old days till now.

I love them for a couple of reasons. There’s two main things here. You’re gonna be like, “duh Abbey, that’s obvious!” But just keep in mind that in order to keep your weight off, you need to stay fuller longer so that you don’t eat so much. And then you want to burn that food that you did eat faster, you want to speed up that metabolism.

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Some of the key ways that you can do that are going to be with fiber and fat and then a little bit of protein.

So let’s talk first about my favorite sources for fiber because we always want to do multitasking here. I know you’re gonna ask, Abs, again, kale? Yes! Kale and broccoli! I love kale for a couple of reasons. Number one, it has a ton of calcium.

More calcium than milk? That’s more iron than beef. I know, there you go. And then broccoli has this great thing called folate. And we need folate because it helps with cell regeneration.

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