I Want To Lose Weight! Can Superfoods HELP?


When we think of HEALTHY Foods, we tend to think that this food will make us GAIN WEIGHT… a common myth.

– Good health does equate increased weight all the time.
– Sometimes, good health can come in a form of losing excess weight in the process.
– Superfoods do not just provide good nutrients, it can also be useful for losing weight.

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In India, kitchens are known to be packed with different varieties of spices and herbs that are popular to contribute to boosting fat metabolism in our bodies.

So if you think about it, these type of food can actually be very helpful for individuals who want to shed off some excess body weight BUT at the same time stay healthy!

Not ALL superfoods, however, will have the same effect. So some superfoods might make you gain weight, some might have no effect at all on your weight, while some may cause you to decrease a pound or two.

So which is which, then?

How can we identify which of these superfoods can be taken to achieve the specific goal that we have in our minds?

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