Superfood Tips: Fat Burning Superfoods


I’m going to be sharing with you one of my all-time favorite smoothie recipes super good for you and so easy.

It’s literally two ingredients ok maybe three and I just want a side note here fruit has this crazy bad rep right now.

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And I don’t really understand why because fruit is not bad for you carbs are not the devil they’re amazing for your health and your body.

Especially fruit and vegetable so the more you can incorporate those foods into your diet is great and don’t worry about the sugar content and fruit because you’re eating fiber with the sugar.

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So it’s not spiking your blood sugar like you might think it is or why so many people say that it’s bad for you for this recipe is super easy super simple really excited to share with you it’s great for breakfast after yoga.

After a workout whenever you feel like adding it to your day one of my favorite things is to actually freeze a bag of bananas you just peel them and I usually you know kind of break them in half and put them in the freezer.

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So that you can make smoothies like this any time so I’ll usually put two fold bananas in here so four halves maybe we’ll do another half just for fun and they’re frozen so you actually don’t need any ice.

And then I’m just going to eyeball the milk but you want about a cup of milk in there to blend it all up and then here’s where the greens come in I’m just going to add a handful to start you can actually start blending this up. Learn more in the video.