Eating Habits After A Weight Loss Surgery

Is It Necesary To Change Eating Habits After A Weight Loss Surgery? If you have had a weight loss surgery then you will realize a sudden change in your eating habits. Food starts feeling saltier and sweets turns you off.

To overcome these side effects it is important to understand why this happens in the first place and how you can take care of it.

Just after the surgery, your stomach shrinks and gets smaller so it cannot hold too much food. The key is to ensure that you eat in two to three hours interval and ensure that your body gets enough amount of protein and other essential nutrition.  It is important that you keep your body fit and eat wisely to stay healthy and fine.

Taste Change

Taste perception can change after weight-loss surgery, the study also
found. Patients “became more sensitized to salt – that was the big
difference,” says Morton, who is also an associate professor of surgery
and director of bariatric surgery in the School of Medicine at Stanford

Owens says it’s likely that 80 percent or more of patients experience
some type of taste change. Sugars may become “sickeningly sweet,” for

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