How To Use Herb-Seasoned Condiments?

Herbs can be used in various ways to promote health and healing. Herbalists around the world have been using herbal teas and tinctures to treat a wide range of ailments. They also recommend consumption of edible herbs as this allows you to enjoy all the benefits offered by the plant directly.

The familiar herbs like coriander that you can find in kitchen are best used to enhance flavor in food preparations.

The bitter and wild ones are mostly cultivated for their anti-bacterial and anti- inflammatory properties. Some herbs lose their medicinal properties when they are cooked hence these are best eaten raw. Thus, adding a pinch of herbs can not only boost the flavor of your food but also make them healthier.

Simple foods can be brought to a level of high intensity and greater purpose with just a few shakes of your favorite blends, or spread on liberally using fresh condiments. We encourage experimentation at the Herbal Academy of New England where we teach about healing herbs.

Our rooms and hallways are filled with the scent of herbs steeping in teas, drying on racks and bundled and bottled for our classroom lectures and practices. Exploration into formulas that can be used in health enhancing dishes and wellness promoting teas, tinctures and body care products are just part of what we do. If there is a way to get more herbs in our diet, were on it!

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