🍓 🍋 🍈Straight From A DIETITIAN – Superfoods That Can Make Your SUPER FIT!!!


Surprise! Surprise! Superfoods are NOT JUST for keeping healthy, they are also good for making our bodies FIT!

– A lot of people want to eat healthy because of the MANY benefits that nutritious food has to offer.
– Aside from being healthy, many of these nutritious food may being additional weight to the body.
– Most superfoods, however, are generally good in keeping fit and fab.

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Dietitian, Lisa Donaldson, shares to us not just ONE but THREE superfoods that are not just good for the health – but can also make our bodies look fit and fab! PLUS they are really tasty too!

Admit it, eating superfoods can sometimes be discouraging, especially when the taste is not as pleasing as it should be. We need to be more motivated.

Lisa Donaldson may just have the answer. According to Donaldson, three superfoods actually taste GOOD and are excellent for people who want to maintain their body weight. These are acai bowl, matcha, and turmeric.

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