Want To Fight Lyme Disease? Try These 🌿 Superfoods!


There are five ancestral superfoods that are proven to help patients fight lyme disease.

-Lyme disease messes up a person’s immune system and digestive system.
-The known scientific method for combating this is through multiple antibiotics.
-More recently, natural types of antibiotics are surfacing.

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A health writer shares her personal experience in battling lyme disease for years. She was diagnosed since she was a teenager, and have been taking synthetic or chemical-filled antibiotics to lessen the threat of the disease.

She then discovered the antimicrobial property of superfoods and gave it a try. Instead of feeling worse and worse over the period of time, she felt better and she thanks the nutritional benefits of the superfoods that she regularly took during the course of her treatment.

Recovering from a serious health problem like lyme disease is not easy. Thanks to the nutritional boost from superfoods, it was made possible.

Here are some of the ancestral superfoods that are believed to have a huge contribution in the immune system and in fighting lyme disease:
1. Colostrum
2. Cod Liver Oil
3. Gelatin/Bone Broth
4. Fermented Foods
5. Green Tea

Lindsay Christensen’s full article can be read here – https://www.prohealth.com.