Coconut Water Is Better Than Sports Drinks?


If you are a professional athlete or sports person then you would know how important sports drinks are to keep your body well hydrated.

Those who don’t like the taste of Energy Drinks, like me, but consider it as a necessary evil will be delighted to know that coconut water has as many electrolytes as you will find in Energy Drinks. You will love the mild taste of coconut water and the best part is that it’s absolutely natural.

Coconut water has been a popular health drink in the tropical countries where they are found in abundance, but it has been marketed in the United States quite recently under the brand name ‘Vita Coco’.

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Founded in the year 2004, Vita Coco is the biggest coconut water firm in the country and after starting with only $4 million sales in 2007, it soon skyrocketed to $20 million in 2009.

A refreshing and healthy drink

Coconut water however should not be confused with the coconut milk that is made using the white tender flesh of the fruit. The coconut water is a refreshing drink that contains within the center part of the fruit.

Contrary to the milk, the coco water is very low in calorie and fat count, while the electrolyte potassium is high. They are also very often marketed as a natural substitute to the sports drinks.

The food industry is touting the various health benefits of this awesome coconut water. While some call the water Mother Nature’s way to make healthier sports drink, there are other manufacturers that claim that coconut water is a powerful.

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And some say its even a natural substitute to Viagra and that it helps in preventing kidney stones. There are also other manufacturers that tout the anti-aging properties of coconut water.

Good for short workouts?

The Director of Sports Nutrition at UC-Davis, Liz Applegate says that coconut water isn’t the perfect health drink for turns of physical activity.

This is specifically to create the perfect blend of electrolytes. Unlike the health and sports drinks that mostly constitute of a lot of sodium and a little amount of potassium, the coconut water is just the opposite and it contains high potassium and low sodium.

So, if you are doing short workouts and need a quick bout of energy then coconut water is the ideal health drink for you. For the long workouts, you may need a more concentrated health drink to revitalize your body.