Can Vegan Diet Help You In Losing Weight?

Vegan Diet Help You In Losing Weight

The Vegan diet claim to help in losing weight and that is precisely why more and more weight loss enthusiasts are turning towards it. This is still under research but the research analysis reports that are received so far somewhat establishes the claim. Let’s find out how.

How does the vegan diet help the body?

The vegans exclude all the animal products from the meals including the dairy and the eggs. Hence the refrigerator of a vegan should not have margarine which is made of whey, any gelatin product which is made from the bones and hooves of animals, or beans fried with lard.

It would only contain fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, legumes, leafy greens, and seeds. It is important to plan a day vegan diet keeping in mind to have at least six servings of grains including bread and cereals fortified with calcium.

It should also include four daily services of vegetables, two servings of fruits, five servings of legumes, soy milk, tofu, potatoes, and other proteins such as peanut butter and chickpeas. It should also include at least two servings of healthy fats such as sesame oil, coconut, and avocado.

You can also have cupcakes and cobbler made without butter, albumin, or eggs. For carrying out the vegan diet you need to start with meat-free dishes each week and then use the substitutions such as have stir fry tofu instead of stir fry chicken and grilled vegetable burgers instead of beef burgers.

How will you lose weight?

It is said that with the help of a vegan diet you would lose weight as you would take in much lesser calories and hence it would help in lower body mass index. If you have lots of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains in your diet it would keep you full with fewer calories and this calorie deficit along with exercises would help you shed pounds.

What are the researchers saying?

There are several studies carried on various people to know about the benefits of a vegan diet for weight loss. One study had 99 patients with type 2 diabetes following a vegan diet. It was found after 22 weeks that those on vegan diets have lost on an average about 13 pounds. Thus it is beneficial to be on a vegan diet if you are diabetic and if you are overweight.