Is It Good To Have Rice While On A Weight Loss Diet?

Are you on a weight-loss mission? Most of us who are on diet do not like to have rice. Most of us prefer to have bread or oats that substitute the rice on our diet as we feel that rice is known for making us gain weight. Thus, many to switch from rice to other substitutes that claim to help in losing weight.

How can you eat rice and not get overweight?

It is often seen that we eat rice with lots of other side dishes and this is the reason for which we find that we tend to overeat and hence gain more weight. On the contrary, while the bread and oats are eaten with either one vegetable or with milk and fruits.

Thus it means that the other options are simple and yet filling. Also, salads can be had in more quantities with bread and oats and we can have sandwiches which are healthy and filling too. Yogurt and green salads are good companions with brown bread and other substitutes of rice.

Thus, you can have rice if you are planning to have lots of salads with it. Salads are filling and hence you would tend to have a lesser amount of rice. Thus you can have rice and not gain weight too. Also, it is seen that rice takes much less time in consuming than bread so we tend to eat more rice.

Therefore, we should try and eat slowly while we are eating rice and that would help us in eating less. It is important to estimate the quantity of rice that you should have. It is important to take a measuring cup and then find out what is the actual quantity of rice that you should have based on your body weight.

Why it is good to have rice?

Brown rice provides three times the fiber of white rice and it is also an excellent source of many vitamins and minerals. These help in reducing the risk of colon cancer as well as helps in reducing blood cholesterol levels. If rice is stir-fried and mixed with vegetables then you would get the dual benefits of both the rice as well as the vegetables.

Author: Superfood