Can Sugars Found In Tequila Help in Weight Loss?

Can Sugars Found In Tequila Help in Weight Loss?

Love drinking but wondering whether it’s good for your health or not? It is now being researched for a long time whether the sugar found in Tequila is helpful in weight loss. Recently researchers have found out the answer. It is true that the sugars in tequila help in losing weight.

What did the researchers find out about Tequila?

Researchers found that the sugar that is found in the plant that makes the Mexican spirit tequila has tremendous potential to battle the bulge of the body.

The agave plant which is like cactus was tested and the result showed that the syrup from the plant raises the level of a gut hormone that tells the brain to stop eating.

The hormone also keeps the food in the stomach for a longer hour of time hence it enhances the feeling of fullness.

Also, the sugar which is called agavins is not processed by the body and hence it cannot get absorbed by the body and make us fat. Also since these sugars are non-digestible hence they do not raise the blood sugar also as it is seen by the Mexican researchers. Therefore, it lowers blood glucose levels for people who have type2 diabetes.

Thus, people with Type 2 diabetes can also have tequila which would not only give a kick but also help in staying slim. The lack of absorption by the body also meant that those who have the syrup would not suffer from headaches or any other side effects caused by artificial sweeteners.

What is the final conclusion of the research?

The researchers carried on the research on mice that were given water that was laced with agavins. It was found out that they ate less and lost more weight than the other animals that were given water having artificial sweeteners.

It was also proved that it is good for diabetes when the blood glucose levels of the mice also reduced. Thus the Mexican researchers believe that agavins is ideal for those who are obese as it has great potential for becoming a light sweetener. Thus, now it can be said that tequila is good for weight loss too.