How To Cut Calories While On A Holiday?

It is not difficult to cut calories even when you are holidaying. There are some simple swaps that you can do and that can save you hundreds of calories. What are the foods that you can have while holidaying?

While you are on a holiday and want to cut calories have shrimps in the cocktail sauce instead of bacon-wrapped scallops as appetizers which would help you save about 114 calories.

You can also have instead of spiced pecans, jumbo olives as appetizers and that would help you save 150 calories. Potato chips instead of pita chips and mushroom turnovers instead of mini quiches are good for saving about 45-50 calories.

For lunch, you can have a lobster tail with lemon juice instead of turkey breast with cranberry sauce. Those who love to have meat can go for glazed ham instead of lamb loin chops. You can also go for turkey white meat without skin dipped in gravy instead of turkey dark meat with skin.

If you get beef tenderloin, have it instead of duck. For side dishes opt for mashed potatoes in the place of stuffing. You can have baked butternut squash in place of candied yams and dinner roll in place of a buttermilk biscuit.

What to have desserts and drinks?

Those who cannot omit desserts can have one brownie instead of a Yule log or a small pecan tart instead of a cheesecake. If you get a jelly doughnut then swap it with jelly-filled doughnut holes. For drink have red wine instead of champagne which would save you about 20 calories.

Have a non-fat cappuccino with a pumpkin pie instead of a pumpkin latte made with whole milk. Avoid having Cosmo and opt for Cranberry vodka with club soda and that would help you save 149 calories.

You can have hot chocolate made with fat-free milk instead of hot chocolate made with whole milk as a dessert. This would help you save about 63 calories. By following this chart you can even lose calories while you are on a vacation and have lots of food options to choose from. Keep a calorie count and eat sensibly so that you do not put on weight.

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