Can Soy Help You Get Back Into Shape?

Does Soy Help You Get Back Into Shape? For long people have been wondering what are the right food to take if one wants to lose weight and back into shape. Among these foods we have seen that soy is a revelation.

Researchers have found that if you want to reduce weight faster then soy can be a good solution.

How can soy help you with weight loss regime?

If we compare good sources of protein then we can see that soy is a low fat protein source and hence if you want to have lean muscles then it is ideal for you. If you continue exercises and have soy as part of your diet then you can easily lose weight.

Studies have also showed that if you have soy protein shake then it will keep you fuller for a longer pat of day. Thus it will help you stop craving for snacks in between meals and at late night. In fact, these are the two times when we tend to crave for food.

What makes a popular choice among weight watchers?

Soy is low in carbohydrate and hence it can be easily used in any diet plan that includes low carbohydrate and high protein foods.

Soy protein has another benefit too. The glycemic index of soy protein is quite low and therefore having soy protein everyday will not let your blood sugar level rise rapidly.

Thus over secretion of insulin is prevented and when there is stability in the level of insulin and blood sugar it would mean that no one would crave for more food and also not much calories will be stored in the body.

Hence it is advised that if you want to prevent your hunger cravings then you should have your regular diet filled with soy bars, or soy chips or soy nuts or soy pasta. The more soy products in your diet the lesser will be the weight gain.

It is also seen in the researches that soy protein affects the hormones and leads to the degradation of lipids in the body and also leads to reduced body weight. This happens because the metabolism is stimulated by the effect of soy over the hormones.

As always, ask your doctor for advise before using it.