Burn Fat With These 5 🍏 Superfoods ( Video )

Alright my friend, we’re going to guide you through the grocery store. In particular, Specialty Produce in Sunny San Diego.

And we’re going to show you a multitude of different superfoods that you’re passing by every single day.

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Which 🍎 Superfood Helps Ease The Bowel Movement?

Can make total simple recipes that you didn’t even know we’re right under your nose, right under your nose! So what I normally do here is I grab a box.

Yeah, huge box! We are in the organic produce section of Specialty Produce and we’re… We like to live by the seat of our pants, Niels and I both.

So we’re creating recipes while we’re in here. We’re going to choose superfoods and other ingredients to make things that are easy for you. So that you can make it from the comfort of your own home for your kids, for your family.

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That’s the most important thing – you just want to have high quality nutrition in your house, ready to go for you, your kids.

I’m very passionate about making sure that whatever we make is going to nourish their body. And he makes most of his food for his kids by the way.

The great thing about Specialty Produce. and if you’re shopping at a normal grocery store, I want to remind you to shop around the perimeter. Everything in here is perimeter shopping.

Which Superfoods 🍑 Are Rich Sources Of Beta 🥕 Carotene?

That’s what I love about this place. I’m not here to get the crackers, the gluten, the sugars, the dairy – all the other stuff that’s in the center aisles to the grocery store, this is all perimeter.

Except sometimes there’s an occasional taco shell, but even this is not processed like all the other stuff is, most of it. Fresh herbs – they’re going to have so many phytonutrients, that’s part of cuisine in the world if you think about it. These herbs are detoxifying, you know, they help get heavy metals out of your body.