Big breakfast as weight loss weapon? Really?

Breakfast as weight loss weapon? According to various new studies if you eat at the right time then it is good for your body.  A study was conducted on two group of dieters and it was seen the group which had early meal lost maximum weight and had shed fats quickly too. Another study was carried on 93 obese women who had metabolic problems.

How much weight did they loose?

Among them some ate big breakfast, medium lunch and small dinner and the others ate in the reverse approach. It was seen that the first group lost 17.8 pounds compared to 7.3 pounds by the second group. Also if you feel hungry in between meals you can go for almonds which would help you cut the cravings.

  • A new study designed to determine the best nutritional approach for diabetes revealed that low carb diets have multiple benefits. Scientists compared a low-carb, low saturated-fat diet to a high-carb, low-fat diet. Study participants ate the same number of calories regardless of which diet they followed.
  • “The findings from this study suggest that a novel eating pattern that markedly limits carbohydrates and increases protein and unsaturated fat may have more favorable therapeutic potential for optimizing the management of type 2 diabetes and reducing cardiovascular disease risk as part of a holistic lifestyle-modification program,” said principal investigator Grant D. Brinkworth, PhD. The study was unique in limiting saturated fat on both diets. Read more on this story at:

Author: Superfood