Why Woman-Centered Herbal Wisdom?

Herbal Wisdom

The tenth yearly Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference will be held in Camp Rockmont in Black Mountain and more than a thousand women will attend the event. Corinna Wood, the co-founder of Red Moon Herbs initiated the event in response to the interest in women regarding herbal education.

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The classes will mainly focus on simple and advanced herbs, but there will also be various workshops to promote female empowerment. There’s a lot of interest in women regarding herbal subjects, and also in other topics such as self-love, emotional wellbeing, women’s health, nourishing food, and so on. Wood said that the event is now attracting more people than it did a decade ago.

Although most of the classes focus on herbs, and advanced herbal classes are offered, one could potentially fill an entire day with workshops that have little to do with plants. Those offerings, which focus more on female empowerment, include “Unconditional Self-Love,” “Transcending the Trauma,” a class on female archetypes, and various dance and movement classes.

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