Acai Berry – The New Top Superfood?

Have you heard of the 10 superfoods? Superfood is a term utilized to describe foods with high phytonutrient content that offers health and wellness perks.

A few of the health and wellness advantages related to acai berry as well as other superfoods are increased energy, far better functioning digestion, hones psychological emphasis as well as capability, weight management as well as improved flow.

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A current research study by the College of Florida found that essences from the Acai berry triggered a self-destruct response in 86 % of leukemia cells that were examined. The Acai berry is obtaining a lot of interest as a result of the abundant amount of anti-oxidants that they contain.

Antioxidants may slow or also prevent cancer?

Anti-oxidants cancel out the cell damaging impacts of totally free radicals on cell membranes as well as DNA. It is assumed that antioxidants may slow or also prevent cancer, although there has been no success with treating cancer cells with antioxidants.

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The Acai berry is rich in antioxidants and for that reason it has had a great deal of attention from the media for its capability to protect against cancer, heart condition, and also also decrease the results of aging.

It is recognized that individuals that take in antioxidant abundant fruits as well as veggies have a reduced rate of cancer cells. Anti-oxidants are known to be useful in avoiding cancer and also in avoiding a recurrence of cancer.

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