Herbal Medicine Has Also Has Scientific Value?

The herbal medicines have existed much before the antibiotics and HMOs came into picture, and the ancient people have relied on the healing power of herbal medicines since a long time.

The curative properties of herbal plants have been used by the ancient people to heal almost all types of ailments from snake bites to fever.

A lot of people think of it as a weed …………. to find out why click on “Next Page”

Many of these herbal plants such as elderberry, goat weed, sassafras, and bitter melon are used as an active ingredient in health supplements, poultices, and teas. Mary Bellis Williams, the chairwoman of Herb Society of America (Baton Rouge unit) says that the herbal remedies and natural cures have scientific value.

Local herbalists look to the wisdom of folk cures and modern science while searching their gardens for natural remedies, but they don’t recommend anyone use herbs without seeking a doctor’s advice.
“These are traditional uses,” says Art Scarbrough, 66, a chairman of the herb society. “We’re not advising anybody.”

Members of the local herb society shared a few herbs and plants that are native or were brought to this area more than a century ago that are commonly used for healing.


This hardy bush grows across the South, and is often seen as a flash of white blossoms in the woods.

“A lot of people think of it as a weed,” says Walsh.

But the elderberry has long been used to treat colds and coughs. An antioxidant, it can be found in cough medicines and is often used as a preventative measure during cold and ……….

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