5 Superfoods 🍈 For Your Health ( Video )

5 Superfoods For Your Health

Today we’re gonna talk about some awesome super foods get ready hold on to your seats and stay tuned for our guide to these awesome things.

People are always looking for the next superfood that they can use to improve things like blood pressure and to prevent the body from coming down with a disease there are a variety of good fruits and vegetables out there.

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Video summary:

But some of them are definitely more common than others beets did you know that there’s a superfood that’s been hiding at the grocery store all this time.

Whether you eat it as is or turn it into a juice this vegetable has the properties to improve your liver lower your blood pressure and even prevent cancer.

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Do you know what it is it’s beets you rarely see this reddish purple vegetable in homes or at restaurants but they’re definitely something that needs to be incorporated into all of our diets.

Keep on watching to find out some of the awesome health benefits that come from eating beets or making beet juice.

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Chances are you’ll be headed right to the produce section next time you’re shopping for your groceries number one what are beets you ask well there are vegetable and their tap roots are edible.

They also come in several different varieties and colors they’ve been used as a food coloring and as a medicinal plant in the past number two food they can be eaten boiled, roasted or raw.

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Tthey can be pickled or turned into a soup which is a very popular dish in Indian cuisine number three color with such a vibrant and pretty color it’s odd that beets aren’t already more of a staple vegetable number four power plants beets are a dynamic vegetable filled with phytonutrients that work as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents