5 Easy Superfood 🥤 Smoothies

5 Easy Superfood Smoothies

All right let’s start off with our first superfood smoothie. The red. This one’s on the sweeter side so it’s really easy to enjoy. I’d say this is like a beginner smoothie.

Here are the ingredients you’ll need a banana. You can add another if you’d like your smoothies creamier and sweeter strawberries Of course. And yes you can blend in with the stems in.

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I was so stoked when I found that out on Google about goji berries which are an amazing superfood. Go easy on this. If you’re new to the taste though.

Almond milk or technically any other liquid of your choice. And lastly ice. This one’s optional but add it if you like your smoothies cold. I usually don’t add ice but I know most people like it.

Next add all the ingredients into your blender cup. Side note I’m not including exact measurements for the recipes because I personally never measure when I’m making smoothies.

I just eyeball everything and learn what I like over time. So I want to be here to share the ingredients but give you the freedom to explore what ratios you like best since we all have different tastes anyway.

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Need to choose the right vegetables?

So feel free to experiment and adjust these recipes to your liking.

All right it’s time to blend the superfoods

Next up we have the green smoothie. This one’s packed with nutrients but the green taste can take some time to get used to if you are still a beginner to these types of smoothies. So here are the ingredients that you’ll need first Greens of your choice.

I have spinach kale and chard. You can add more greens for more nutrients or less greens if you’re not used to the taste yet. Next week rest powder This is optional but sometimes if I don’t have fresh greens are useless instead. A banana or maybe two.

Chia seed and flaxseed are optional?

If you want some chia seed and flaxseed and optional another fruit of your choice I have a pie in the fridge. So why not. And lastly coconut water. It’s like water but better add everything into the blender here.

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I kind of messed up because I put bananas first but I actually recommend putting greens first so you can squish them down and pack some more in there. But it’s OK. And then blend. Following the green smoothie. We have the purple smoothie. This one also tastes pretty good because it’s so simple.

It reminds me of blueberry yogurt. Here are the ingredients for the smoothie. We have a banana. We have our main star of the show blueberries which are my favorite berries at the moment. She is seed and hemp seed which is another superfood. I’ve recently just started to explore and almond milk or coconut milk could work to add all the ingredients into the.