What Are The 🌲 Natural Asthma Remedies?


Asthma is an inflammatory disease that is accompanied by several recurrent symptoms.

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But the good news is that you can now alleviate the problems using natural remedies.

To start with, it is important that you avoid the triggers that set off an asthama attack and some of these may be smoke, dust, exercising and so on.

Get relief from asthma

Some of the common herbs that you may use to get relief from asthma are honey, ginger, bitter gourd root, garlic and licorice root.

Superfoods such as pomegranate, banana, dry grapes and fruits rich in Vitamin C are helpful in alleviating the asthma symptoms.

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6. Bitter Gourd Root for Asthma

This is one of the ancient Ayurvedic remedies for asthma but a modern research by University of Massachusetts Medical School too has found that certain bitter flavors can actually treat asthma fast and effectively. This research states that bitter flavors can reverse the contraction of airway cells. This process of reversal is known as bronchodilation and it can treat airway obstructive diseases like asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. So, why wait! Just get some bitter gourd root and cure your asthma the established way! Read all of the 15 Remedies for Asthma on: http://www.rapidhomeremedies.com/