11 Superfoods Healthier Than 🌿 Kale

I want to share my secrets with you in this Saturday strategy and I’m want to show you eleven of my favorite superfoods and how you can get them naturally within 30 seconds a day.

Let’s do this. Number one is Chlorella. It’s a good source of protein fats carbohydrates fiber chlorophyll vitamins and minerals.

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I take it every day if I’m feeling down you know you’re the type of person that has that caffeine all the time. Chlorella will help you bounce back with energy. Number two is Marengo leaf. You’ve heard me talk about this before.

Absolutely love it. A University of Alabama study showed that it can actually help with blood sugar levels up to twenty nine percent.

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And also if you know anybody who’s dealing with cancer the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute showed that it’s effective at getting rid of 93 percent of lung cancer cells.

This stuff Mother Nature knows better than anybody else right. Number three is spiraling. Now some people say spirulina. Some people say Sperling if you’re from the south I say it’s for Lena but I’m actually from Michigan. So love this stuff.

Some health companies have built entire product lines based on this one thing. I love it because it’s neuro protective.

It helps with Alzheimer’s disease and it’s four times the antioxidants of blueberries which is absolutely amazing when I take it.

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I feel like this cleansing is happening my dreams enhance I’m able to to have more dreams at night and stuff and that’s because it’s great for detoxing your pineal gland the gateway to that higher self than I know you’re looking for my friend. Number four is Mint. Mint is absolutely amazing. I have a little bit right now.

Anti-microbial anti viral anti tumor anti allergenic and antioxidant properties. Number five match a green tea. Love this stuff. It’s got healthy feeling in it which is actually a new tropic right.

Everybody’s freaking out about this movie Limitless. Everybody wants to expand their consciousness. They want to be quicker. They want to be smarter. Healthy eating in March it can help with that. This is the march that I take. It’s also in our organic high green juice which we’re going to get to in a second. Number six is wheatgrass.

Consuming one ounce of wheatgrass a day.

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