Why Are Wild Superfoods More Nutritious?

Wild edible plants are the most unpolluted and nutritious gifts of nature. These superfoods have been persevered through the ages and they are free from any kind of contamination that you will usually find in the foods available in the store near you. The wild superfoods are storehouses of vital nutrition, and consuming these nutrition rich foods helps our bodies adapt to the changing cycle of earth.

The edible wild plants and flowers contain a lot of energy as they are brimming with vital nutrients, and those who consume these foods have unparalleled life force. It is unfortunate that today most of us prefer to buy our foods from the malls or the local produce store, and the wild edible plants are lost in the hills or they rot along the roadside.

Good news is that, there’s a ‘wild food education’ taking place to make people aware of the goodness of these wild foods and realize the wilder side of life for various reasons.

Why are the wild foods so special?

Although consuming raw fruits, vegetables, nuts are highly beneficial for your overall health and wellbeing, it is essential that you also add some wild superfoods to your diet. Some people believe that consuming hybridized or cultivated food doesn’t compare to the dietary quality of the wild superfoods .

The wild edible plants and foods are hardy and resilient; they grow in harmony with nature’s immaculate design. When you consume the wild superfoods, you actually consume the special wild life-force that makes our body ready to deal with any kind of environmental changes.

What wild superfoods are good for you?

Some of the most popular wild edible plants are mallow, chickweed, dandelion, miner’s lettuce, purslane, nettle, sea kale, watercress, horsetail herb and more. Wild flowers and nuts are also considered as superfoods due to their high content of nutrition; these superfoods are madrone berry and desert palm fruit.

To include wild edible plants and flowers in your superfood diet, you may use them in way of raw soups, seed cheese recipes, raw food meals , salads, and nutritive herbal teas.

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