Top 🔝 Superfood 🥦Nutrition Trends

Top superfood nutrition trends

Welcome to Abby’s kitchen. As a dietitian I can tell you there is a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to nutrition knowledge.

I mean I’m used to debunking myths but when I start to see some these healthy living trends turn into catchphrases and buzzwords I actually lose my shit.

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Video Summary:

So I brought along everyone’s favorite ill informed nutrition junkie diet Debbie to highlight some of the worst nutrition buzzwords of 2016 a total superfood study all the kale oh God here we go yes. The myth of the cure all head of kale a.k.a. one of the greatest marketing schemes of all time.

I know most of these foods are healthy even super healthy but super food insinuates that they are like a magical cure all for all of your mystical problems.

Sorry kids no food can do that. All foods have the redeeming qualities and being healthy means getting a balanced diet with a full range of vitamins and minerals that you’ll never find in just one single food.

Last week I was so that eat so much pasta. But this week I could be really good. I’m just eating go to dairies.

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Oh why do we humans love to categorize and they customize everything by labeling individual foods as good and bad.

We take it out of the context of our general healthy diet and we sign this negative label or connotation that we later associate with ourselves.

As a result we end up feeling a ton of shame and guilt about our eating and that is neither healthy or very fun. Also research suggests that we label foods as good or bad. We tend to crave them more so to strip that food of any moral meaning and you might actually find that those bad foods start to lose their allure.

No I can’t eat that either

I have been eating clean all month long so when I was a kid I used to ask my mom to wash my grilled cheese because the toasty bits looked dirty to me.

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I mean obviously now as an adult I can look back and see the idiocracy in this especially knowing that Brown equals flavor. But this is actually what I think about when I hear people talk about clean eating.

This is the same problem as the good food bad food mentality and I went to town on this one in a previous video so totally check that out but just know that becoming obsessed with clean eating to the point where it literally takes over your life is definitely not a healthy place to be.

Sugar is so inflammatory

First of all Whoa. There is a really big broad topic inflammation just basically means that there’s an immune response to something going wrong in your body. And yes I know we love to blame specific foods or food groups as the culprit of inflammation but we really need to look at the bigger picture.

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