Time To Sow Winter Herbs?

Winter Herbs

When the winter arrives, it’s time to sow the winter herbs and flowers in your garden. Herbs can be conveniently sown in containers and kept on the windowsill for easy picking during winters.

Time To Sow Winter Herbs

This is also a favorable time to create ornamental tubs and sow the gorgeous winter flowers. If you have cyclamen save from last winter then it is time to let it spring back into life.

Plant it again with fresh water and compost to soon see leaves and flowers grow. Winter is also a great time to make jams and jellies using homegrown produce and apple jellies are the most popular. Herbs and flowers, salads and jellies, what more can you ask from your winter garden!

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Sow winter herbs and salad in containers for easy picking from the doorstep or windowsill. Get a decent sized – at least 8in (20cm) deep – wooden or polystyrene box/ crate. Knock several drainage holes in the bottom, fill with compost and sow your salad. Cover the boxes with cling film to enclose the moisture and put them somewhere warm to germinate.

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