Why Does Regular Harvesting Helps Herbs? Video

example of a multipurpose herb

Recently, there has been a rise in the growth of herbs as edible gardening is getting increasingly popular. The herbs are not restricted to just culinary use, but they can be used for various other reasons such as herbal teas, medicinal purposes, companion planting, and fragrance.

What is a good example of a multipurpose herb? (Video)

For those who are looking to cultivate herbs in their garden, this is the right time as the herbs grow well in warm temperatures when they are properly watered.

Some herbs are grown just for ornamental use while there are some that lend aesthetic value to the garden. Companion planting is growing two or more herbal plants together because they complement each other. Some herbs are useful to improve fruit flavor while some help get rid of diseases and pests.

Thyme is a good example of a multipurpose herb. It makes an attractive border plant which has small purple and white flowers. Thyme also has a wide culinary application in a number of dishes including meat, casseroles and pizza.
Thyme has medicinal properties with antiseptic and antifungal effects which, when made into tea the leaves will aid digestion and relieve stomach complaints.

When flowering, thyme is a great way to attract bees and other beneficial insects into the garden.

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