What Are The 🥦Superfoods For Fat Loss And Clear Skin? (Video)


It’s all about the word of the decade superfoods so the word superfood is thrown around so frivolously these days and people are obsessed with including super food into their everyday diet.

I’m so excited to bring you this video. Unfortunately there is no regulated or set criteria for what constitutes as a superfood but basically a superfood is a nutrient rich food which promotes health.

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Video Summary:

One food source that is extremely high in a certain nutrient my everyday diet is made up of a whole range of super foods.

Some people who think superfoods come in powder form. But that’s really not the case. Salmon is a superfood avocados superfood.

There’s really so many forms of superfoods. So let’s start straight into it and start talking about the foods that I use every day and then I my personal favorite I’m going to start off with cookout.

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Now throughout this whole video you might hear the word antioxidants a lot. Basically an antioxidant is a chemical compound that goes into your body and fight to free radicals. So this helps prevent disease and cancer.

And it’s just super super good for your entire body. Cookout is one of the best foods in terms of antioxidants. I honestly use it every single day.

Not only is it time antioxidants it’s actually a mood enhancer so it increases just serotonin levels. And one thing I do love about it is it helps with blood circulation.

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So many people don’t realize that they have a blood circulation problem but I’m one of those people so I supplement with this every single day.

I put it into my smoothies one of my favorite things to do is have like a banana chocolate smoothie.