Superfood Beans: What Do They Offer?

We’ve known beans for so long, yet we haven’t fully known the extent of why it has to offer un in terms of health benefit,

– Beans are superfoods and they have long been in the list of “good foods”.
– These superfoods are rich in folate, fiber, and magnesium.
– There are researches that suggest the correlation between lower blood pressure and bean consumption.

You probably thought beans have not that much nutritional value, and that it’s just an ordinary legume, that made your cooking taste better.

You might be surprised to know that beans are actually classified as a superfood. With the high levels of fiber, folate, and magnesium; beans surely have so much to offer our body in terms of good nutrition.

If you are to pick between white beans or red beans, go for the white ones. Why?

Research suggests that white beans contain more iron than the red ones. However, worry not, because both beans are protein-filled, so you can choose either if you just want to prepare a healthy meal.

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