Green Tea – The BEST Superfood?

Of the many superfoods coming out in the market, did you ever wonder which one is the best?

– Many people these days are looking for healthier ways to nourish their bodies.
– Some of the most common detoxifying superfoods are turmeric, green tea, and cocoa.
– Each of these superfoods was compared, and green tea prevailed over them all.

In one of his research, nutrition expert Georgios Tzenichristos, compared the different superfoods to find out which one has the best nutritional value among them all.

Some people may find his research unreliable because it’s like comparing apples and oranges. However, Tzenichristos may have a strong ground because it is backed with molecular details for each superfood included in the study.

The experiment was performed in London, and it found that each food ingredient has unique active molecular components that make it a member of the superfoods group. However, of the different molecules present, the green tea had the most significant function and levels of concentration. Thereby making it the best superfood in the list.

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