How To Do Self Care Routine The WRONG WAY! ❌

Self-care can sometimes be misunderstood as something that it is not, and it can be risky.

– Although self-care can be quite vague, there is a way to do it WRONG.
– Knowing how to do self-care the wrong way can help you know the RIGHT way of doing things.
– Read and find out what you might be practicing wrong all along.

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There may not be a definite guideline as to how to do self-care, but there is definitely a clear and definite wrong way of doing it. If it makes it easier for you to remember the don’ts of self-care, then this might just be what you need to know.

One person’s self-care can sometimes cross or overlap with another person’s safety, so the moment this happens; know that this self-care routine that you have in mind is already wrong for so many reasons.

Self-care, of course, needs to put into consideration not only one person’s health and happiness, but it should also at the very least consider what the effects of the routines or actions will be to the people around you or who will be involved during the entire activity.

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