These Self Care Interventions: 📖 USEFUL Or USELESS?

Ever since self-care was first introduced, there have been varying ideas about it.

– People are quite confused as to what self-care really means.
– There is no clear cut definition about self-care.
– Nor are there concrete examples for self-care.

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So many people are curious about what self-care really covers. Is it merely feeling good about oneself? Is it about doing something fun and exciting for yourself? Is it taking a vacation? Is it having a good and stable job? Is it about the relationship that you’re in? So many questions and the answers are just starting to surface.

There are so many speculations and suggestions as to what self-care should be and could be, but there is one formal study that’s been conducted by Manjulaa Narasimhan and his colleagues and it gives the scientific approach on the theoretical framework revolving around the concept of self-care.

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