Organic Food For My 🐶 Pet Too?


One of the latest health food crazes is organic food. It used to be only a handful of farmers produced organic products. Even when organics became widespread, only a few different food products were available. Now there’s an organic alternative to almost every product on the market, snack foods, shampoo, and now even pet food.

You’re probably thinking “organic pet food, that’s crazy”, but consider this: when national dog shows are sponsored by a dog food company, the winner gets free dog food.

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Most winners then donate that food to local shelters instead of giving it to their dogs. Why? Because they know traditional dog foods are bad for dogs.

Most pet foods contain the same chemicals as the food we eat: pesticides, fertilizers, hormones, and other dangerous chemicals.

In addition, many pet food producers add small amounts of chemicals that are known to be toxic to pets. Most house pets have only recently been domesticated.

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That means that until recently, dogs and cats ate raw, chemical free meat and fish. Their bodies aren’t adapted to deal with all the chemicals we feed them.

Feeding your pet all natural organic foods will help their bodies function more efficiently and keep them from building up toxic chemicals in their systems. This will help your pet have more energy, stay healthy, and live longer.

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