What’s The Good Thing About The Next-Generation Superfoods?

The next-generation superfoods are more than about health, they are also about beauty.

– A next-generation superfood supplement is being developed.
– Aside from good health, they are also said to provide beauty benefits.
– This supplement market in the United States is currently worth $133 billion.

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It’s not new news for us to hear about dietary supplements. When Zion Market research announced their latest project, which is the superfoods supplement, the world was not shocked at all. However, what was a huge surprise was the twist with the said products.

According to sources, the supplements are said to focus not only on giving health benefits but beauty benefits as well.

The project is estimated to be worth $133 billion.

There are much famous personnel who are getting involved with the project, one known health buff celebrity is Gwyneth Paltrow, who has her own line up of supplements, namely Goopglow, CoQ10, and vitamin C

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