Natural Ways to Increase my Body’s Immunity? Part Two

This is why we may feel like we are likely to catch an infection or a cold when we are not getting enough sleep. This is supported by the results of an experimental study done by the University of Chicago which found that subjects who were restricted to only four hours of sleep during a weeklong trial produced only half of the normal level of antibodies when they were given a flu vaccine.

In order to maintain a healthy immune level, always try to get a regular dose of uninterrupted sleep of seven to nine hours daily.  Avoid chronic sleep deprivation at all costs as this would impale the body’s ability to heal from daily stresses and function properly.

Keep a daily exercise routine

We might have heard it all too often: The human body was not created to endure long hours of inactivity. Being stuck behind a desk for hours, lounging on a couch in front of the TV, or just plain avoiding the need to exercise reduces the efficiency of the systems of our body, including the immune system. Moving or exercising not only increases oxygenation at the cellular level; it also stimulates the body’s lymphatic system (which flushes out toxins) and promotes the reproduction of leukocytes (cells that fight infection).

Maintaining an exercise regimen to keep your immune system going does not even require you to be a hard-core exercise buff. A daily dose of 30 minutes of moderate movement through walking around the block, running after your child or taking the stairs instead of riding a lift can already do wonders to help keep your immune system up and about.

Overcome stress

It doesn’t take a genius to understand that stress has become a normal part of our daily lives. We are exposed to stress at work, at home, even in our social interactions. Stress seems so omniscient that some have opted to develop adaptability to it, acclimating to chronic stress until they burn out or fall sick.

Stress is a part of life and we need to manage it properly, just like any other challenge we encounter.  Keep in mind that stress is a condition that could be overcome by learning a few tricks to keep it at bay.

Learn to meditate, slow down once in a while, strike connections and develop deeper relationships with people, find a way to work out to blow off some steam, laugh every once in a while—whichever route you decide to use, remember that you are making not just your immune system but your whole being better by learning to overcome stress.

As with all medications, supplements, and therapies; a consultation with your doctor is strongly recommended.

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