Jamie Oliver & Jim Chapman Superfood 🥦 Salad ( Video )

Today we’re going to be doing a beautiful super food salad. Yes you heard it right. Something that fills you up. Something that you love that’s delicious. That’s super nutritious.

That’s what a super food salad means. Loads of great veggies. It’s a perfect little salad that we’re gonna do something exciting and to do it with me Jim Chapman’s back everyone! Hello! Ye! That’s a nice greeting. A great response from the lads.

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I need you guys at my house just to cheer when I wake up or something. Welcome back. Thank you. He has two channels, or one channel? Two channels. Okay, and what happens on the two channels? So I have one that’s called we were in daily blogs.

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So it’s basically like a diary, and I have one where I’ll have a camera unlocked and I’ll talk about whatever I feel like talking about. Really, really good. So we have some seasoned boiling water in here. We’re gonna go in with a nice handful of quinoa. It’s gonna triple in size. Okay, and above it we’re gonna put a basic colander and we’re going to steam some greens.

Cool. First up a lovely broccoli. So all I’m going to do is slice this up, like so. So are you a salad man Jim? Yeah I love a good salad, actually. What’s your favorite salad thus far? I’m a big fan of like caramelized things in a salad. If it’s just loads of leaves I struggle through it. Yeah. Learn more in the video.

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