Superfoods From Latin America, Now Available In Japan!


Superfoods are one of the easiest products to market these days.

– A lot of Latin American superfoods are being exported to Japan.
– The Japanese market is catering to many varieties of food.
– The most popular superfoods exported are Peruvian quinoa or Brazil’s açaí.

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Because of high nutritional values of Peruvian quinoa or Brazil’s açaí, these superfoods have become great stars in various supermarkets in Asia. The demand for these products are shooting up, that importation has become necessary.

The Japanese market has opened its doors to superfoods that are made from Latin America because the demands for these products are nowhere dropping. Foodex 2018 in Japan is going to be the biggest good exhibit in Asia, which is scheduled to kick off this Tuesday in Tokyo, Japan.

Around 85,000 people are expected to join the four-day event, which is hosted by 3,466 food companies from 83 nations. The aim of the event it to display and share food varieties from one country to another and enjoy the different culture each one has to offer.

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