Can Superfoods Heal Our Body?


Julie Neville, the 42-year-old wife of the famous football player, Phil, shares her superfood success story.

– About 10 years ago, Julie Neville experience health problems.
– Today, Julie Neville as the epitome of good health and aging gracefully.
– She attributed her great health condition mainly to superfoods.

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An interview with Julie Neville, the beautiful and healthy wife of football star Phil, will certainly be enough to convince you that superfoods can bring greatness to your body.

Nothing but a bad memory now, but Julie recalls her poor health status about ten years ago. Her healthy status recently has been nothing compared to that. She has been eating superfood regularly, and she attributes her body’s “healing” to that.

Aside from superfoods, Julie also claims that her body has been staying outdoor more often, especially since their family moved from London to Spain.

Julie has been taking more care of her body, especially since the many diagnoses that her body had years ago. She was diagnosed with underactive thyroid and glaucoma. She almost went blind.

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