Are Essential Oils Effective Antiviral Medicines?🥃🤯

Viral infections such as HERPES could finally have an alternative cure – in the form of Essential Oils!

– A study found that one of the members of the Essential Oil can actually treat viral infections.
– One of the most common and dreaded virus is the HERPES virus.
– Herpes virus can be very harmful to young children and adults.

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If we could cure diseases without having to DRINK anything that can be toxic to our body, why wouldn’t we love to give it a try, right?

The answer might just be closer than we think. One of the members of the Essential Oil group could finally be the alternative cure that we are looking for to help patients fight viral infections like HERPES.

Tea tree oil is a very well-known essential oil, and now scientists believe that it could have an added benefit. Tea tree oil may actually help cure HERPES and this is one of the best news ever!

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To know more how the experiment was proceeded, read Josh Bloom’s full article here –

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