🥝🍓Nothing BUT Marketing PLOY! – Are Superfoods Really Just THAT?!😮


Are superfoods a simply ploy?

– As superfoods gain more and more popularity, people’s curiosity about it also increases.
– Are superfoods really THAT beneficial to the health?
– Or are these superfoods simply a ploy to increase market sales of such food group.

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Ever since the United States, Dietary Guidelines released a statement that recommends the intake of more proteins over carbohydrates, more and more Americans are looking into sources of food that will help them achieve better fitness.

One of the many foods that are now gaining popularity are the superfoods. Specifically, because there are many health benefit claims that this food group has been earning. A lot of people are testifying on the improvement of their health, all giving credits to the plant-based superfoods.

However, a controversy is currently on the rise, regarding superfoods. How true is it that these so-called superfoods are nothing but marketing ploy?

If the answer is yes, would you still keep consuming them?

If the answer is no, would you really believe the claim?

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